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Open Source Services

Open Source software is catching up in a big way with small and large companies. Open source is cheap, widely available, equally good as commercial products and delivering enterprise class functionality saving large custom development costs. Open source software is becoming a strong alternative to commercial products. More small to medium corporate are now running production applications entirely using open source software.

UIS began its push into open source services layer since 2006. Today we provide full time and part time solutions, support for many popular open source software used in state of art J2EE enterprise applications, Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Service Bus middleware and ORM tools. UIS is emerging strong in this area by tapping in  the rich open source experience gained by our consultant professionals working at open source savvy clients. UIS professionals have in depth knowledge of J2EE Technologies, EAI, EDI, B2B integrations using Web Applications Server, Transactions Middleware, Messaging Middleware. Our consultants can help clients in taking a closer look at the benefits of using open source tools to solve business problems. UIS provides installation, warm start, training and consulting services at low costs.
Spring is an excellent framework for effectively organizing middle tier objects and provides consistent framework for data access. UIS professionals can provide spring support services such as getting started on spring project, Architect applications to use spring, inject spring best practices and mentor developers to get up to speed in using spring effectively for building better applications.
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Subscription to our services enable your team to model, design, develop test and deploy your applications with confidence.  Our comprehensive support services for Hibernate include Getting you started with Hibernate, Developer assistance, Spring Hibernate DAO support, HBM files generation, Writing HQL queries. We provide a range of support services, helping you to benefit maxmum from our core hibernate team of 10 professionals..
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JBoss Rules is an open source and standards-based business rules engine for easy business policy access, change, and management

UIS professionals have extensive expertise in implementing both open source and commercial BRMS like Isaac Blaze Advisor. We can provide Developer assistance and Production support from the industry's highest rated BRMS professionals. We can help you in rule authoring or set up BOM to enable your policy manager author rules, dig out business rules buried in wealth of existing code etc.
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JasperIntelligence Professional S

JasperIntelligence Professional SpikeIgnited consists of JasperAnalysis, a robust and secure Commercial Open Source Relational OLAP server and JasperServer, a report server that enables delivery of mission critical information in real time.
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SuiteTwo SpikeIgnited

SuiteTwo is a feature-rich online publishing suite with a simple user interface that makes it easy to stay productive. All core platform services are fully integrated, simplifying management for the suite.
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Open-Xchange SpikeCertified is a comprehensive messaging, calendar and collaboration solution that integrates email with advanced collaboration capabilities.
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Hyperic HQ SpikeCertified is a powerful next generation application management and monitoring tool that allows administrators to drive availability and performance.