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UIS Outsourcing Services
Globalization is transforming industries and changing the way corporate manage their Information Technology. Corporate are becoming modular organizations and processes in more and more departments are outsourced to BPO and IT outsourcing companies within the country and abroad. UIS is providing variety of IT outsourcing services, to help organizations achieve more value from business applications.
UIS outsourcing model  takes application development, maintenance and integration to the next level, helping clients to reduce total costs and improve operational support.  Learn how our outsourcing services can help you outperform your competitors and make the business agile.
Project Based
UIS extends the services of Outsourcing on a project Basis. UIS has taken up number of projects with small corporate clients on a project basis. This has given both the Implementation Partner and the  client the advantage of UIS and its expertise. Based on experience, we had always felt that our project based outsourcing model has been well appreciated as UIS would devise the complete Project Task Plan and adhere to facilitating faster completion of the project, delivering better return on the partner and client's investment.
Resource Based
UIS also extends Outsourcing services on a Resource Basis. UIS can extende its resources to work for the end client, tier one vendors to the end client  or an implementation partner's requirement. Client or implementation partner can curtail the risk of Project failure by contracting our resources to be as part of their in house project team. Other Implementation partner can hire resources on a contractual basis for the specific task to be accomplished by the resource.
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Build Operate Transfer
As result of  refining or developing offshore outsourcing strategies, UIS has begun to consider using what is known as a build, operate, transfer (BOT) model. In this model, UIS builds and operates an offshore development center for a client for a period of time - typically three to five years. The client then has the option to purchase (transfer) the development center. Companies are interested in this approach for several reasons, but mainly, it is because they believe that owning the offshore facility that supports them will save more money. BOT model may reduce long term IT costs, improve service levels, productivity, and quality control.
Onsite subcontracting with Offshoring
UIS uses this  outsourcing model most frequently. UIS contracts its professional resources on site at client or tier one vendor office premises. UIS resources become a virtual part of the client's team. The model is also called staff augmentation. This model of outsourcing is typically adopted by UIS with client organizations where UIS is a preferred vendor.
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For more than 8 years, UIS has worked with senior executives to address their  critical business imperatives through application outsourcing. Our services go beyond conventional development and maintenance-we help client achieve business agile
Client Successes
UIS application outsourcing approach helps clients control total IT costs while operating with state of art, up to date technology market innovations.
Innovation and Insights
Our application outsourcing Innovation constantly investigates how to better use application outsourcing  services to support enterprise-wide solutions to help clients control total IT costs.
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