» Application Development
» Systems Maintenance
» QA Testing
» Systems Integration
» Migration & Conversion
» Infrastructure & Architecture
» eCommerce Development
» Portal Development
Software Services
UIS has vast experience in designing and implementing enterprise business applications. We have developed skills in state-of-the-art areas of information technology such as
» Internet/E-Commerce
» Data Warehousing
» N-tier client/Server
» Web enabling
UIS can help your enterprise experience less downtime, faster problem resolution and an overall reduction in costs.
Key Drivers for ADMS at UIS
» Focus on 'CORE' and 'STRATEGIC' Cost
» Productivity and Efficiency
» Follow the sun - 24*7
» Availability of skilled resources
» Makes business more flexible to change
» Leveraging vendor strengths - multi-skills / technology-breadth, and reach of best practices
UIS is continuously acquiring and developing skills in state-of-the-art areas of technology. We are a one-stop-shop and can offer "total solutions" to the end user.

UIS provides a comprehensive range of application development and maintenance services. Through our management application suite, UIS has gained extensive experience in providing companies and government agencies with complete "turn-key" software solutions, specific to their business needs.

Our expertise lies in converting business models into effective long-lasting business software solutions. Our professionals combine a unique blend of functional knowledge, technical expertise, and result-oriented management experience. They understand the competitive challenges that your company faces and can find the solutions needed to help keep you ahead.
Our custom solutions and applications
» Developing novel applications.
» Enhancing an existing application to operate in the same computing environment as well as adding additional business requirements.
» Redeveloping an existing application taking advantage of features offered by the underlying technology.
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Increases efficiency, increases business agility and decreases costs. Businesses can amplify Return on Investment (ROI), people can access an integrated view of business information, and processes can be streamlined between systems. With access to a real-time flow of information, people are able to make better business decisions and systems operate more effectively.

Our systems integration consulting practice helps businesses around the world rapidly and cost-efficiently integrate new technologies and business processes. With a track record for success far surpassing the industry average, we are committed to customer success. UIS Integration Services provides expert design, systems architecture, implementation, and project management services for all your business integration projects.

In business today, Enterprise Application Integration is crucial. It increases internal knowledge and productivity by enabling users to share information rapidly. Application Integration automates business processes for reliable execution, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) provides a platform for sharing information and processes enterprise-wide.
UIS has the capability to deliver the results you expect. This can be achieved by
» Refining application integration
» Determining the most appropriate technology solution
» Performing risk assessments
» Mapping the architectures
» Performing efficient project management
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Migration leverages a business model. It can also be a cost-effective alternative to rewriting or buying new existing products. At UIS, we provide end-to-end solutions for seamless migration - from planning, installing, and verifying, to customizing, testing, data migration and support.

UIS has successfully migrated enterprise-wide legacy applications with the latest web-based and client-server applications.
Our Phase Approached migration services include
» Migration of applications in the same platform
» Migration of applications across platforms & technologies
» Migration of databases and data servers
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Business Re-engineering combines aspects of re-engineering and business process outsourcing. This re-thinking and re-design of business processes achieves dramatic improvements in organizational performance. It also maximizes long-term prospects for your business.

Business Process re-engineering addresses the need to influence newer technology platforms, frameworks, and software products in order to transform IT systems and applications. At UIS our approach to Application Re-engineering comes from understanding the business requirements that shape your technical architecture. Our aim is to leverage the data and business processes that exist and transform them to meet new functionality.

At UIS, Re-engineering services are backed by delivery excellence, robust consulting capabilities and proprietary tools and frameworks.
The main drivers of Application Re-engineering are
» New services or business opportunities
» Business Process Re-engineering
» Gaining and maintaining competitive edge
» Aligning inflexible legacy systems with contemporary business needs
» Difficulty in maintaining old systems on account of lack of vendor support
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