Universal Information Solutions (UIS) is a progressive and innovative company founded in 1994 on the principles of entrepreneurial sprit, technical excellence, and superior customer service ... ...
UIS began its push into open source services layer since 2006. Today we provide full time and part time solutions, support for many popular open source software used in state of art J2EE enterprise..
MRI 2008 is the medical record imaging system for hospitals and Physician offices to help you images produced by CT Scanners, Radiology equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment are..
UIS is pleased to announce several new projects to upgrade Medical image recordings product and to develo a consumer self service product using open source..
UIS is a leading provider of IT consulting professionals full time or part time, onsite or off site. We specialise in J2EE, ERP, EDI, B2B and Microsoft Technologies..
UIS outsourcing model takes application development, maintenance and integration to the next level, helping clients to reduce total costs and improve operational support. Learn how our outsourcing...
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